Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Backtracking Emails

Most of us believe that the email message sent to them is determined by "FROM" header,but it cannot be denied that most of the times it's forged(Learn How).
The question then arises how to determine where the email came from? You have to understand how email messages are put together in order to backtrack an email message. SMTP is a text based protocol for transferring messages across the internet. A series of headers are placed in front of the data portion of the message. By examining the headers you can usually backtrack a message to the source network, sometimes the source host.
If you are using Outlook or Outlook Express you can view the headers by right clicking on the message and selecting properties or options.If you are using Gmail you need to click on "show original"(click on down arrow next to reply while reading a mail).For Yahoo:In the full message view,"View Full Header" option is placed under the "Actions" tab.
Now Let's Start actual work.Let's Take an example

Monday, March 28, 2011

Spoof Mailing-Send fake email

Spoof mailing is a technique to send email as someone else.It means if my email id is abc@example.com
then sending someone email to appear as if it was sent by me ,in other words,it appears to receiver that he/she has received email from abc@example.com.
There are many free sites available which enable you to send fake emails for free.Some of them are:
and many more....
but the problem is that most of these services do not mail the message instantly.Moreover, most of these can easily be identified.I prefer to send mail from my own script.
It's really easy if you know a little bit of php.But I have shared download link for the script
All you have to do is register and get a free hosting account(say on x10hosting.com) and unzip the file.
Keep both the files in the same folder (or you may upload the folder itself ,if possible).Suppose you got abc.x10hosting.com and uploaded the folder in the main directory then you can access the prank mail sender on abc.x10hosting.com/prank
Please note that you may be violating the terms and conditions you agreed to while signing up.Also some hosting sites do not such scripts to run


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Monday, March 14, 2011

Get Most out of Facebook Feed

Facebook has recently updated it's news feed (using which posts on your home page is shown). The new feed updates and shows posts by your friends with whom you have recently contacted. As a result, if you have not been in touch with a specific friend reently, you might not be able to see his/her wall posts at all.But there is no need to panic,you can still get latest feeds from your all of the friends.Here is what you got to do.
Go to your home and scroll down to the end until it shows the option 'Older Posts'.
Click on 'Edit Options'
Select 'All of your friends and pages' under the 'Show Posts from:' menu.
and done!!!