Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Disposable Email addresses

Disposable email addresses are email address which expire whenever you want.This basically is done to keep the spam away.As you might know that many service providers are providing email alias but most of them can be easily be filtered and hence your email id may be accessible.On the other,disposable email addresses provide you with an entirely different email address and hence saving you from spam.

Some of the service providers are:
  • Its a free service and provides unlimited disposable addresses,however in the free account you get limited but generous bandwidth.Once you pick up a username,for example disposable,you can create any disposable email address like whenever you want without even informing it to 33mail.These email address will be forwarded to your actual email address that you used for registering.You can cut those email address whenever you want by unsubscribing them through the link provided in  each of the forwarded emails.I personally prefer this service.It's fast and free.