Friday, February 24, 2012

Post Blank Status on Facebook

Today I found this amazing trick by which you can update your status to blank as shown in the picture.

Status Update without any content

 Recently, facebook added a new feature by which you can tag people, posts, pages and groups using their unique id or username. For example, if the page has a username funstartshereblog you can tag the page simply by adding @[funstartshereblog:0] as a part of your status.

Now Facebook has not registered anyone with id = 0, so if you post @[0:0], facebook will consider that your post has content but when posted there will be no content in your post and your status will be blank. Please note that this trick does not work while commenting.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Blogger Local Domain Redirection

As you might have noticed, blogger is now redirecting blogs to country specific blogs rather than ".com" domain, i.e. if you are visiting this blog from India you will see the URL as
"".  The direct implicaiton is that this will help blogger to control the presentation of the content based on the geographical location of the user and hence be able to apply country specific restrictions on the content as demanded by the various countries.
Blogger has also enabled a workaround this restriction. Just add"\ncr" just after the domain name. NCR stand for No Country Restriction. So instead of visiting the blog at "", use the url "" and be free form the country restrictions.