Saturday, February 26, 2011

Make Free International Phone Calls Without Disclosing Your Identity

Making phone call can become handy when needing to call a friend.Now that phones have occupied an important part in our daily life making a phone call has become handy.But it becomes really comfortable when making an international call through internet and that too for free.No software or registration is required.All you got to do is to visit
Follow the following steps to make the phone call:

  1. Go to 

Enter the number(along with the country code) in the marked location and press green button(you might be asked for permissions) and wait for the call to connect....

Friday, February 18, 2011

How To check a Phishing Site??

Phishing is an attempt to hack your web accounts by displaying a similar looking page which redirects you to main website but also stores your password.This is very harmful as the hacker has your password with your knowledge.So it important to check whether the site is a phishing site or not.
To check for a phishing site just copy and paste the following in the address bar of your browser( where you type the address of the site you want to visit):

javascript:alert("The actual URL is:\t\t" + location.protocol + "//" + location.hostname + "/" + "\nThe address URL is:\t\t" + location.href + "\n" + "\nIf the initial part of addresses do not match, this may be a phishing website."); 

This code is basically a javascript commands which finds the location of where the site is hosted and the url of page.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Is Your E-mail Account Hacked??

With rise in popularity of internet our dependence on internet has increased and it can be horrifying to find your account controlled by someone else.Here are some measures that you must take in order to recover your account.

  1. The first thing to do is to try to reset your password.You can reset your password from here:
  2. If somehow you get access to your account, the first thing to do is to sign out other sessions if you have logged in anywhere else.To do this you need to first login.At the bottom of page you will notice 'Details'. Click on it, you will notice 'Sign Out All Other Sessions'.This will log you out from any other place where you left your account open.
  3. If still you cannot access your account,report that your account is hacked,you can report to Gmail here:
Unfortunately,yahoo or hotmail do not support any other feature except resetting your can reset you password by reporting.You can reset your password by verifying your identity.You can get the reset link from here:

Facebook has inbuilt many safety features.It checks your identity before logging in if someone tries to access your account from a different location(even with the correct password).This feature has made hacking your account by phishing almost impossible.
You can reset your password from here:

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Email alias by GMail and MSN

Gmail and MSN had been in war for long.This time MSN has gone one step ahead.
Initially gmail provided email alias for gmail users in the following forms
  • dot(.) can be used anywhere within the username as another id,for eg. if you own then you also own,,etc.
  • you can use addition symbol(+) after username to get your mails ,i.e. if you own then all mails sent to will also be sent to you.
  • you are also allowed capitalization of some or all the alphabets in your username ,for eg. if you own then you also own ,,etc.
These features help gmail users to manage their emails and reduce spams to get the most out of their email addresses.

Now MSN taken this fight to next level. MSN already provides the dot feature mentioned above but from now on you get 5 more email alias making it as good as getting a new email account.What it means is that if you own you can get all mails sent to if you set it as your email alias.

Also note that other sites such as facebook,twitter,etc treat all email alias as a separate email id so you can register many facebook accounts ,or for that matter on any site, with just one email account!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How to Delete Your Facebook Account

If you have tried to delete your Facebook account you may find it almost impossible to do so.

You may find the link to deactivate your account(which is not the same as deleting your account ).When you deactivate your account it will appear to other people that you no longer exist on facebook.But as soon as you log in again you will find all your data intact.It is almost same as not logging in for a long time.If you want to deactivate your account, here is the link

Actually facebook has hidden the delete account link within its help center.It is very difficult to look for.If you want to delete your account, here's the link
You must keep in mind that once you hve deleted your account you can never get the associated data back