Sunday, August 14, 2011

Track Sent Emails

Emailing has become very common.While sending important mails we need to be notified whether the person on the receiving end has read the email.Luckily, the tools have been developed.

The Classic
Some email programs(e.g. squirrelmail) use the classical method which requests the user using an alert to send receipt of email.But the receiver always has the upper end. He/She may disable sending the receipt rendering the feature useless.

The Latest
Some services offer you to track your email.There are very good services out there which allow you to track your sent email effectively and easily. Some of the services are listed below:
This is a professional service so you have to pay for the emails.But they provide trial version also making their service free for two weeks or 25 emails (whichever comes first)They service asks you to append a string to receiver's email address. They also have a plugin which allows you to track without having to append the string.Read Notify is one of the most trusted email tracking service and hence used by many companies and even spammers
It is a free service offering you various features to track your sent mails.They work a little different then ReadNotify,they ask you to attach an image along with the email making it suspicious although they claim that the image is too small to be noticed but the email programs like gmail separate out the attachments.They also the sender and the receiver use the html plain text format for sending and receiving emails. Their features are:
GetNotify's features are
  • Receive Email notification when your sent email gets read.
  • Calculated duration between Email sent and read time.
  • Email Read Duration i.e. the time duration for which your email is being read.
  • Send Email using the same way as you send normally.
  • Keep track of every time your sent email gets read.
  • Track recipient geographical location. i.e. Country and city of recipient.
  • Get recipient's details such as web browser, operating system, version etc.
New Features:
  • Set how many times you want to receive email read notifications for a particular email.
  • Now you can also send Recallable Emails. It means that you can change or even delete the contents of your email even after sending your email.
  • You can use your own image file as the tracking image. For example you can use a custom email signature image as the tracking image.
This is another professional services with trial version allowing only 10 emails. They work on similar patterns as,i.e. asking you to append a string to the receiver's email address.The receiver never gets to know whether the email is tagged.

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